Attorney Interview

Is an Association required to pay a yearly retainer to BBC Law?

NO, an annual retainer fee isn’t charged.

Is an Association required to advance costs or attorney’s fees in collection matters?

NO. The Company progress ALL costs associated with collection issues including process service charges, filing fees and prices that are recording. Under ordinary conditions, lawyer’s fees and prices are collected straight in the property owner(s). Unlike some Companies which will request several hundred dollars to start a foreclosure actions, we don’t require the prepayment of prices, thus enabling the ability to keep up its income to the Association.

How does BBC Law with only four (4) attorneys handle the volume of work generated by several hundred Community Association clients?

Each customer is assigned to your specific lawyer as lead counsel. Each lawyer has sufficient paralegal and support staff within her or his team to satisfy with demands of our customers and the changing needs. Along with state of the art computer technology and customer availability that is easily accessible, our Company proceeds to provide the high degree of service our customers have begun to understand and anticipate.

Does BBC law have its status reports available online?

YES! The Company supplies web based access at no cost to the Association to its standing reports. Most importantly, the status reports are made in “real time” meaning that what sometimes appears on the website and its own reports are current and represent the most updated info accessible. As always, status reports may also be emailed and or faxed to our clients in case they don’t have an internet or pc access.

Which kind of advice does the status report include?

Issues contain, but aren’t restricted to group files, mortgage foreclosures, record change(s) bankruptcy files and general counsel issues.

Does BBC Law perform only collection functions for Community Associations?

NO. In addition to collection matters which include demand letters, claims of lien and subsequent lien foreclosures, our attorneys handle most matters related to Community Associations. Our services include, but are not limited to: Homicide, First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Drug Charges, Drug Possession, Drug Manufacturing, Drug Trafficking, Property Crimes Theft, Burglary, Robbery,Sex Crimes, Rape, Sexual Assault, Prostitution, Crimes Against the Person, Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence, Kidnapping . We also have of counsel relationships through our Law Firm with attorneys who handle personal injury, medical malpractice, wills, trust and estate planning.

Handling a wrongful death case is very tough and possibly a private practitioner may not satisfy for you. Hence, it is better to decide law firm instead of an particular person. The major benefit of hiring a law firm is whenever you are not contented with males appointed through firm, they’ll replace the lawyer. At times they appoint more than one lawyer. In cases where a case is complicated, several lawyers ought to together to guarantee that the verdict goes to your.

What rates the does BBC Law charge its clients?

Our rates are market competitive and range from $135.00 per hour for junior associates to $185.00 per hour for senior partners. Attorney’s fees change in rate with respect to the sophistication of the issues being managed. Our customers sign an agreement for representation. Our deal for representation is structured so that the arrangement may be terminated by the Organization at any given moment. By permitting them to enter into repayment arrangements to pay their delinquent bills will the Company work with property owners in group?

Does BBC Law require its clients to sign a contract for representation?

Yes, our clients each sign an agreement for representation. Our agreement for representation is structured so that the Association may terminate the agreement at any time. But you’ll to difficult if in your niche to obtain the job to be a legal secretary. To become an authorized secretary you’ll to complete your college with good marks. Cash advance do not have a college degree to start this service.

Will BBC Law work with property owners in collection by allowing them to enter into repayment agreements to pay their delinquent accounts?

Yes. With the authorization of our clients, we do prepare and monitor payment agreements. Generally, the agreements are kept to a six (6) month maximum duration and also require the property owner(s) to remain current with the Association during the term of the agreement (which would include payment of maintenance as well as any special assessments and any new or changed assessments which come due).

How does BBC Law disburse funds to its clients?

They are deposited into the Business’s Trust Account, as payments come in. Once the funds have cleared, they are distributed to pay off attorney’s costs and then attorney’s fees. Same are disbursed as payments are received, because the Company has advanced all the costs and deferred collection of its fees. Broadly speaking, if an account is on a payment arrangement, all is normally covered by the first payment, or a majority of the lawyer’s fees and prices. Once prices and attorney’s fees are paid, subsequent payments received are processed with the funds being disbursed straight to the Organization. Since Associations are not for profit, most Associations cannot afford to hold back until the decision of a case to receive their funds as well as the timely disbursement of funds throughout the pendency of a case considerably helps an Association to maintain cashflow.

How does BBC Law utilize technology to assist in the representation of its clients?

The Firm uses legal research programs which allows for the accurate and efficient processing of accounts from start to finish, calendar software and a customized office extensive collection database. Furthermore, each team member often conveys both with property owners and clients using email and has their own email address within the Company.

How long does it take to process a new account once it is turned over to BBC Law for collection?

The Firm strives to open and process all accounts within seventy two (72) business hours after receipt. Check the dates and times on any email that are generally unsure within. These companies conscious that many email programs will sort the inbox from earliest mail sent. As the result, better  false send dates and times hoping that these types of open them first.

Finally, one must always know your rights. You do not need to answer to any sort of civil suit or legal matter of which may be sent a person be the postal unit. This means that if get an order to act by mail, it does not anything in Texas. A government official must decrease personally and take you with your ex which doesn’t happen. This means that any lawsuit served previously mail that deems you guilty does not hold ground in Texas. And as always, your assets are shielded from prying hands who would seek try them away for your family.